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Physiotherapists are health care professionals who assess and provide services that help infants, children and youth maximize their level of independence and functioning in their gross motor or mobility skills.

Physiotherapists assess gross motor function, gait, range of motion, quality of movement, muscle tone/strength and posture. They provide education and strategies that help children and youth improve their ability to navigate their environment and make recommendations and/or provide prescriptions for mobility aids and other equipment needs.

Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists at Niagara Children’s Centre work with children and their caregivers to help children improve their functional abilities to engage in:

  • Gross Motor Activities (sitting, standing, walking, running)
  • Home, School and Community Mobility

Physiotherapists work individually with clients or as part of a team of other health professionals to deliver services in the following programs:

Services may be delivered individually or as part of a group. Services may be delivered at home, at the Centre or other community locations, and at schools based on the needs of the child and the program the child is involved with.

Eligibility and Referrals

Parents/legal guardians and designated community partners can make a referral for children aged 0-4* (*until August 31 of the year the child turns 4).

Parents and primary care providers can refer for physiotherapy through School-Age Active Rehabilitation by visiting our referrals page.

School Board Administrative Staff from publicly funded schools can make referrals for School-Based Rehabilitation Services or initiate Tier 1 School-Based Rehabilitation Services for children aged 4-21. Referrals can also be made by Centre therapists providing age 0-4 services upon transition to school.

Non-Eligible Conditions

Children and youth with the following conditions/ages are NOT eligible for physiotherapy services:

  • Children with orthopedic conditions that do not have a concurrent physical or developmental delay or disability
    • Flat feet; scoliosis; post fracture
    • Developmental orthopedic concerns that may be age-appropriate (out-toeing; bilateral genu varum [bow legs] prior to 2 years of age; bilateral genu valgum [knock knees] prior to 5 years of age; bilateral in-toeing prior to 4 years of age)
    • Toe walking less than 50 % of the time
    • Isolated plagiocephaly and torticollis