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Strategic Plan (2022-25)

Over the course of 2022, we undertook a strategic planning process. We appreciate everyone – our families, our staff and management teams, the Board, donors, and our community partners – who gave their time and input into this process.

We identified four new strategic priorities and our plan to move forward. We are committed to ensuring that these priorities position us to be able to respond to the ever-change communities of the future that we live in and work with. We look forward to continuing to help every child that we support to achieve their potential.

To review our comprehensive strategic plan, please click the green button or quickly access our strategic priorities through the menu below. 

Strategic Plan (2022-25) 

Strategic Priorities

Improve Access to the Services Families and Children Need

The Centre recognizes the needs of children and families in our region and will focus on improving awareness of and access to the critical services we provide. We want families to experience timely, convenient, inclusive and equitable services and to feel supported even during the wait for services.

  • Pursue opportunities to expand and enhance services that support the broad range of children and families served by the Centre.
  • Grow our ‘while you wait’ supports.
  • Develop outreach initiatives to better serve underrepresented communities and groups.
  • Improve regional awareness of the Centre’s services.
  • Establish and integrate the SmartStart Hub within the Region of Niagara
  • Expand the range of services available to children with ASD, arising from opportunities within the Ontario Autism Program

Develop, Engage and Support our Workforce to be Their Best

Niagara Children’s Centre will cultivate a workplace that attracts, develops, engages and retains talented people dedicated to making the lives of children and families better.
  • Foster a ‘One Team’ culture that lives our Mission, Vision and Values.
  • Be a top choice for people interested in an organization that works with children.
  • Create an inclusive environment where all employees feel engaged, valued and connected.
  • Enhance organizational practices to foster an equitable and inclusive workplace that reflects the diversity of Niagara.

Create a Regional Network of Accessible Centres of Care

As a regional leader in child development and rehabilitation, Niagara Children’s Centre will develop a network of accessible, welcoming and inclusive facilities purposely designed so that our team can do its best work with Niagara families and children now, and in the future.

  • Improve our existing facilities to support current and emerging services.
  • Define a vision and create a plan for facilities that will meet our future needs.
  • Provide services to families closer to home.

Build Capacity by ‘Doing Things Differently’

Niagara Children’s Centre recognizes our reality and the need to do things differently. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions to our challenges and to leveraging opportunities. We will optimize our systems, approaches, and community partnerships, and embrace innovative ways to provide services.

  • Identify, analyze and co-design new systems and approaches to the organization’s pressure points.
  • Develop and implement an innovative HR Plan to address labour market challenges.
  • Explore partnership opportunities to enhance services.
  • Create and implement an IT Strategic Plan.