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Become a Shining Star

Celebrate everyday moments together

Niagara Children’s Centre is embracing a future focused on strengths and interests, rather than challenges and deficits. The Shining Star campaign, inspired by Can Child’s F-Words for Child Development framework, invites parents and caregivers of the Children's Centre to share life’s everyday moments with their children, whether it’s in school, at home, around their community or in one of our therapy sessions. By celebrating these experiences, we can open up a broader discussion about child development, embrace inclusion and reimagine how disabilities are viewed in our communities. Together, we can focus on a future of fun, function, family, fitness and friends!

Learn more about the program, our consent process and how you can participate by reviewing the menus below. Have more questions? Email our marketing and communications department to discuss further.

Follow the campaign on Niagara Children’s Centre’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Learn more about the program

What can you share?

Below are just some of the ways you can celebrate life’s everyday moments.
  • In therapy
    • Progressed towards or reached a personal goal
    • Learned something new
    • Tried a new activity
  • In School
    • Proud of a recent project/assignment
    • Great interaction with teachers/classmates
    • Celebrating in the classroom (class party, holidays, days of significance)
    • Recognized by their school
  • In the community
    • Attending an event
    • Having fun with friends and family
    • Participating in recreational activities or social groups
  • In the home
    • Participating in a family activity (game night, swimming)
    • Playing with family, siblings
    • Reading their favourite book
    • Tried or accomplished something new

Understanding Photo/Video Consent

  • By submitting a photo or video, you hereby grant Niagara Children’s Centre (the Centre) the right to reproduce, use, display, broadcast, distribute and create derivative works of the image and/or video footage of your child and the information you provide about your child for use in connection with the activities of the Centre for promoting, publicizing or explaining the Centre or its activities.
  • This grant includes the right to publish such photographic and/or video images across the Centre’s social media channels.
  • This grant does not include, the right to publish such photographic and/or video images in PR/promotional materials such as the Centre website, marketing materials, publications, advertisements, fund-raising materials and any other Centre-related publications.
  • By consenting, you hereby certify that you are the parent or guardian of the minor indicated in the form below, and do hereby give consent without reservations to the foregoing on behalf of this person.
  • If at any time you wish for your child’s image or information to be removed from our database and/or ongoing usage, please contact us and we will make every effort to meet your request. Please be advised that we are not able to retract previously distributed materials.

What happens after I submit?

  • Once you submit the form below, a staff member at Niagara Children’s Centre will review your submission and contact you to:
    • Confirm the details of your submission
    • Ask any follow-up questions
    • Advise when the post will be published
  • To respect your child’s privacy and personal health information, we will limit the amount of detail shared within the social media post. This includes their last name, location and may include diagnoses and medical conditions.

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Services used at the Centre

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Would you like to provide a photo or book a photographer at your next therapy session?

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