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Family-Centred Care

What is Family-Centred Care?

Family-Centred Care is a recognized philosophy of care that has been adopted by Niagara Children’s Centre. It promotes the partnering of families, caregivers, children and health care providers to work together as a team to create the best possible health care outcomes for children and families.

The Important Role of the Family in Family-Centred Care

At Niagara Children’s Centre, we believe families and caregivers are the most important members of a child’s health care team. Families and caregivers spend the most time with their child, know their child best, and can provide valuable insights into their child’s needs and development. That is why families, caregivers and children are actively included in the delivery of service.

At every stage of service – from initial contact, through assessment, goal planning, treatment programming, service transitions and discharge – families are consulted and encouraged to share their goals, desired health outcomes, and information about their child’s progress. With this information, staff can make informed decisions and recommendations about appropriate therapy, school and play resources, and help children succeed and be their best.

The Role of Niagara Children’s Centre Staff in Family-Centred Care

Niagara Children’s Centre staff are highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to the health and well-being clients and their families. Staff receive intensive on-going education about the Family-Centred Care model and put the model into practice on a daily basis. With their advanced knowledge of the model, staff work with parents and caregivers to educate them about their role in the model, allowing parents and caregivers to participate fully and contribute to their children’s successful treatment.

Centre staff will help you advocate for your child and the services your family needs. Centre staff will encourage you to:

  • Express your concerns, desires and goals for your child
  • Ask questions about your child’s service
  • Ask questions about other services and resources that are available at the Centre and in the community
  • Share information and help make decisions about your child’s services
  • Work together with team members in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Understand the services your child and family are receiving
  • Request additional information about services and resources
  • Understand your child’s development and progress