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Casting and Splinting

Casting and Splinting

Casting and Splinting Clinic – Overview

The Casting and Splinting Clinic provides specialized intervention that is focused on improving or maintaining a child’s range of motion and function in either their lower or upper extremities (legs, feet, arms and hands). Interventions provided are part of an overall management approach to spasticity and significantly decreased range of motion that may include:

  • The use of Botox or spasticity-reducing medications
  • Orthotics for use in functional activities
  • Exercises to improve muscle strength or joint flexibility

The ultimate goal is to improve a child’s functional skills related to standing, walking, running, reaching or grasping during everyday self-care, play, school, or leisure activities.

Casting and Splinting Clinic Services

Interventions provided by the Centre Casting and Splinting Clinic may include:

  • Serial Casting – the application of a series of 6-8 casts made by out of fibreglass material that place a gradual, prolonged stretch on the tight muscles to allow for better movement and range of motion over time
  • Recommendations for custom orthotics
  • Fabrication of simple, custom orthotics or splints that provide optimal positioning of joints to prevent contractures and/or assist with functional activities

Services are provided at the Centre by physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have received advanced training. In some cases, services will be provided by an Orthotist from another agency together with a Niagara Children’s Centre therapist or therapy assistant.


Casting and Splinting services are available to children:

  • From birth to 18 years of age
  • Who live in the Niagara Region

Parents/legal guardians are responsible for covering the cost of a lower extremity cast boot that can be purchased at the first casting appointment.


Referrals for serial casting must be made by a physician specializing in physical, orthopedic, neurological or neuromuscular medicine.

Repeat casting and splinting referrals can be made by primary care providers.

Referrals for casting and splinting initiated by Niagara Children’s Centre therapists may come from primary care providers.