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Seating and Mobility

Seating and Mobility

Seating and Mobility

Niagara Children’s Centre’s seating and mobility program helps children and youth who have seating and mobility challenges, and who need assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, strollers and seating inserts. The goal of the program is to provide devices and services to ensure children have optimal comfort, safety and efficient functional movement and mobility.

Seating and Mobility Services

Seating and mobility services include:

  • Consultation and assessment to determine the child’s needs
  • Recommendations for appropriate seating and mobility devices
  • Trialing of different types and pieces of seating and mobility equipment
  • Training and education on proper use of seating and mobility equipment for children, parents, caregivers and referring therapists
  • Assisting family to obtain funding for seating and mobility equipment
  • Ongoing consultation as the child grows, as new needs arise, or by request

Mobility devices include:

  • Wheelchairs (powered and manual) and walkers
  • Strollers and seating inserts (custom and off-the-shelf)
  • Standers

Seating and Mobility Team

The team includes an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist, both of whom are able to authorize access to the Assistive Devices Program available through the Ontario Ministry of Health. The team works with the family to determine and provide the most appropriate mobility device for each child.

Additional team members may include seating technicians and equipment suppliers. Seating technicians and equipment suppliers are selected by the client and are included in appointments as necessary.

Services may be delivered at home or at the Centre based on the needs of the child.

Eligibility and Referrals

Seating and Mobility Clinic available to children:

  • From birth to 18 years of age with long-term need for a seating or mobility device
  • Who require an assessment for a wheelchair, walker, stroller, stander or seating insert (new or due to growth, change in child’s functioning, skin breakdown/wound)

If the child’s current device is unstable or requires repairs, parents are first asked to call the vendor who provided the device. If this isn’t possible, contact your current or most recent therapist by accessing the Centre's staff directory or by calling Reception.

Referrals can be made by parents/legal guardians and primary care providers.