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Home and Vehicle Program

Home and Vehicle Program

Home and Vehicle Program – Overview

Niagara Children’s Centre’s home and vehicle program assists families with projects that improve home and vehicle accessibility for children and youth with physical disabilities.

The program team includes an occupational therapist and a social worker who work with families on their accessibility projects, and provide ongoing consultation and support.

Services include:

  • Providing information and resources to assist with home and vehicle accessibility projects
  • Determining available funding options
  • Assisting with funding applications if required

Potential Home and Vehicle Accessibility Projects

  • Porch Lifts/Platform
    • Porch lifts are platforms that move up and down and help individuals in wheelchairs overcome stairs
  • Ramps
    • Ramps are cost-effective ways taccess entrances that are less than 30 inches off the ground
  • Elevators
    • Elevators can be used in the home thelp individuals access second and third stories
  • Stair Lifts
    • A stair lift is a chair mounted on a rail on your stairway that allows the rider ttravel up and down stairs in a seated position
  • Portable Ceiling Lifts/Tracks
    • Portable ceiling lifts and tracks are motorized devices with straight or curved metal tracks mounted tthe ceiling and are used thelp individuals transfer in out of a wheelchair, shower, chair or bed
  • Curbless Showers (Wheel-In)
    • Curbless showers have nbarriers for entry or exit and allow people with disabilities tgain access more easily
  • Accessible Bathrooms
    • Accessible bathrooms include numerous options for allowing easier access tbathroom amenities
  • Accessible Vans
    • Accessible vans are modified vans that allow people in wheelchairs teasily enter and exit the van

Eligibility and Referrals

The home and vehicle program is available for children/youth:

  • From birth to 18 years of age
  • Who have demonstrated difficulty accessing areas of the home and requires modifications to the home’s physical structure
  • Who have difficulty getting in or out of a vehicle and need to be transported in a wheelchair

Parents, legal guardians and primary care providers can make referrals.

Resources – Funding Assistance

A number of organizations help families with the costs of home and vehicle modifications. Each organization has specific guidelines and policies that should be reviewed prior to applying for funding.

Organizations that provide funding for home and vehicle modifications include:

Ontario March of Dimes Home and Vehicle Modification Program

Clients who meet program criteria can apply for grant funding of:

  • Up to $15,000 lifetime maximum for home modifications
  • Up to $15,000 every 10 years for vehicle modifications

For more information, visit the Ontario March of Dimes’ Home and Vehicle Modification Program website.

Easter Seals Ontario – Financial Assistance Program

Easter Seals Ontario’s Financial Assistance Program provides support under the following conditions:

  • Families can receive up to $3,000 per year (must meet eligibility criteria)
  • Funding is to be applied to the cost of the conversion/ramp

For more information, visit Easter Seals Ontario’s website or call 1-866-630-3336.

Additional Sources of Funding

Resources – Building Permits for Niagara Region Municipalities

Below are links to building and permit information for each of Niagara’s 12 municipalities. Each of the below links includes important information for each municipality’s building process, including applications, forms and contact information for building departments.

Resources – Equipment and Devices

  • Tetra Society
    • The Tetra Society is a charitable organization that helps people with disabilities by building or modifying equipment
  • Zach’s List
    • Zach’s List is a marketplace website where you can post and purchase used equipment for sale by owner
  • For the Needy - Not the Greedy
    • For the Needy - Not the Greedy provides donated equipment for sale at very reasonable prices

* The home and vehicle program is generously supported by Niagara Corvette Club