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Augmentative and Alternative Communication Clinic

Writing Aids

The AAC Writing Aids Clinic at Niagara Children’s Centre is staffed by Occupational Therapists and Communication Disorder Assistants.

As an expanded-level clinic with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Assistive Devices Program, AAC Clinic staff can provide access to partial funding for a full range of writing aids including high-tech options that can be operated with any reliable body movement. These devices may be purchased or leased from the Assistive Devices Program Centralized Equipment Pool.

AAC Clinic Staff will conduct a multi-appointment assessment to design, select, and customize AAC tools and strategies and then provide time-limited training to children, their families, caregivers, educators, and other therapists.

Children who are prescribed a lease or purchase of a writing aid from the Assistive Devices Program, are eligible for visits up to 4 times per year (as needed) with AAC Clinic Staff to help ensure the writing aid is being used effectively.


Eligibility for AAC Writing Aids Clinic:

  • Preschool-Age 18
  • Difficulty with handwriting because of a physical condition
  • Regular writing needs at home and do not have a writing aid that is meeting his/her needs at home
  • Ability to compose ideas in writing and the potential to use a writing aid to increase speed and/or legibility of handwriting
  • Parent commitment to follow through on recommendations and programming. Parents will be required to attend sessions

Eligibility for partial device funding through the Assistive Devices Program:

  • Valid health card
  • Device must be used primarily at home or in the community (i.e. – not only for use at school)
  • Children cannot have a primary diagnosis of hearing impairment or require a device primarily to assist with improving language skills


Children ages 1-4:

Referrals are encouraged for children with significant physical disabilities (and interest in writing) which would prevent the ability to use paper/pencil for exploratory writing. Referrals must be made by the child’s Niagara Children’s Centre occupational therapist.

Children Ages 4-18:

When children are receiving services from Niagara Children’s Centre School Based Rehabilitation Services occupational therapist, the referral must be made internally by the occupational therapist.

For children not involved with a Niagara Children’s Centre Occupational Therapist, a referral can be made by parents/legal guardians or primary care providers.