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Social Work

Social Work

Social Work

Social Workers are a regulated body of professionals who seek to empower and support children/youth and their families.

Areas of support for families and youth include:
  • Brief solution-focused counselling related to disability
  • Assisting with disability-based funding
  • Connect families with resources within their community
  • Assist and support transition processes (school, high school, adulthood, major home modification planning, etc.)
Additional areas of support for youth include:
  • Navigating friendships and other key relationships
The role of Social Work at Niagara Children’s Centre does not include long-term or intense counselling and therapy. If a youth or family requires such support, our social workers are happy to assist in connecting the child/family to appropriate resources within the community.


Youth, age 0-18, with a physical, developmental or communicative disability or their primary caregiver(s). More intensive services are designed for youth or families of children/youth with prolonged Centre service needs. 

*Youth age 19-21 and/or their primary caregivers are eligible for Coordinated Service Planning, provided by Social Workers, if enrolled in a publicly funded school.

Social Work support uses a tiered model of intervention based on need.
  • Tier 1: Informational resources and open-registration group-based support
  • Tier 2: Targeted / Brief social worker support (including social work clinics for parents/primary caregivers of children with a new diagnosis)
  • Tier 3: On-going social worker support
  • Coordinated Service Planning


Social workers are automatically assigned to children involved in our Early Years services who have significant multi-disciplinary needs. Throughout the Early Years services, families can expect to receive services at the Tier that suits their needs best at different points of time.

For children not involved in multi-disciplinary Early Years services, parents/legal guardians, physicians/nurse practitioners and Centre clinicians can make referrals for social work services. These services will begin with a Social Work Clinic appointment. Social workers will determine the need and eligibility for additional service at the Clinic appointment.

Without a referral:

  • Any parent/legal guardian or youth of children with physical, developmental, or communicative disabilities and delays can access Family Education and Support Groups led by Social Workers (e.g. community resources, funding options and assistance, parent support groups). Check our Programs and Events Calendar.
  • Any youth with physical, developmental, or communicative disabilities and delays can access Open Registration Child/Youth Opportunities led by our social workers. Check our Programs and Events Calendar.