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Preschool Resource Consultant Program

Preschool Resource Program

Preschool Resource Consultation Program

Niagara Children’s Centre preschool resources services prepare children for school by providing early years experience in a supportive environment.

Our services are community-based and help preschool-aged children and their families integrate with the broader community of children’s service providers. The principles of inclusivity and integration are at the core of the preschool resource consultation program. Preschool resource program goals are linked with therapeutic team goals and team members help ensure carryover of strategies into the early years environment.

Early Childhood Education Resource Consultants

Preschool resources at Niagara Children’s Centre are provided by early childhood education resource consultants (ECE-RCs). ECE-RCs are professionals who provide specialized support to help children succeed in a fully integrated early years environment. At Niagara Children’s Centre, ECE-RCs work one-on-one with children and their caregivers or with other ECE-RCs to deliver team-based services.

Services include supports that develop skills and capabilities in the areas of:

  • Social Skills
  • Cognition
  • Gross Motor
  • Fine Motor
  • Speech and Language
  • Behavioural
  • Emotional

Eligibility and Referrals

Preschool resources services are available to children who are not yet age-eligible for school (prior to August 31 of the year the child turns 4) who are actively receiving Centre services.

Referrals are made internally by Niagara Children’s Centre therapists. For information, please speak with your child’s therapist.