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Medical Services

Medical Services

Medical Services

Niagara Children’s Centre provides assessment and consultation from medical specialists as part of our comprehensive model of care. 

Centre Medical Consultants do not provide primary care or psychotropic medication prescription and monitoring as part of their Centre services.

The child must have a valid Ontario Provincial Health card or Interim Federal Health coverage.

Neurodevelopmental Pediatric Clinic

Neurodevelopmental pediatric clinic provides diagnostics and follow-up related to neurodevelopmental delay, autism spectrum disorder and pediatric neurology. Consultation is also provided for families and clinicians. Children may be seen for a follow-up visit at the discretion of the Niagara Children’s Centre physician or through a re-referral by an internal therapist.

Children who are not yet age-eligible for school (prior to August 31 of the year the child turns 4) can be referred to Neurodevelopmental Pediatric Clinic by a primary care provider (visit our referrals page). A speech-language or occupational therapy assessment is required as part of the process. In some cases, school-age children with complex needs who are regularly involved with Centre services are eligible for clinic. Please contact our Intake Coordinators at ext. 110 to discuss school-age children in further detail.

Niagara Children’s Centre works in coordination with local organizations Bethesda and CONTACT Niagara to ensure children with a potential diagnosis of a developmental disability or autism spectrum disorder are referred to the appropriate developmental assessment service. 

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Physiatry Clinic

Niagara Children’s Centre’s physical medicine and rehabilitation/physiatry clinic provides diagnostics and consultation to families and clinicians as well as intervention related to spasticity management. This intervention may include prescription and injection of Botox and/or prescription and monitoring of other spasticity management medications.

Referrals are accepted for children and youth with chronic or acute neuromusculoskeletal disorders and disabilities, and for children and youth who have developmental disorders that include a physical component such as delayed or atypical motor skills. Regular follow-up visits are provided as well as transition to adult physical medicine and rehabilitation for specific conditions.

Referrals must be made by primary care providers (with billing number, prior assessment results, and reason for consultation indicated; visit our referrals page) in one of the following pathways:

  • Referrals can be initiated by the child’s physiotherapist or occupational therapist who will request that the child’s primary care provider make the referral
  • If the child is not currently involved with a Centre physiotherapist or occupational therapist and the referral is initiated from a primary care provider:
    • The child will be admitted to physiotherapy or occupational therapy if eligible for screening and then admitted to the physiatry clinic if he/she becomes a Centre client, OR
    • If the child has known physical needs due to past history with Centre, the child may be admitted without screening