Facebook Giving

Facebook Giving

You can now fundraise for Niagara Children’s Centre without even leaving Facebook!

Facebook fundraisers are an easy way for you to ask your friends & family to donate to a cause that is meaningful to you.

With this new tool, you can create a fundraising page, select the non-profit you would like to support, set a goal and provide updates to your supporters – all on your web browser or Facebook app!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a Facebook Fundraiser?
From your Facebook newsfeed, you’ll want to create a post as if you’re making a status: 

facebook giving instructions

2. How much of my donation will Niagara Children’s Centre actually receive?
There are no fees for Facebook fundraising for a non-profit. 100% of the donations that you collect will come straight to us through PayPal Giving Fund.

3. Do I need to notify Niagara Children’s Centre when I start a Fundraiser?
Although it is not necessary, we`d love to hear from you and share our thanks. Otherwise, the information we get from PayPal Giving Fund is limited to the fundraiser name.

4. Will I get a receipt for my donation to a Facebook Fundraiser?
Yes, you will get a receipt from PayPal Giving Fund. Facebook Fundraisers use PayPal Giving Fund to grant the funds to the non-profit & issue receipts to donors. Like Facebook, PayPal Giving Fund does not charge any fees.

5. Will my friends & family who donated to my Facebook Fundraiser receive communications from Niagara Children`s Centre?
No, the only communication donors will receive is a tax receipt from PayPal Giving Fund. Niagara Children’s Centre does not receive any contact information for those who donate.


More questions about creating a fundraiser on Facebook? Contact Cialyn, Development Assistant at 905-688-1890 ext. 107 | cialyn.carson@niagarachildrenscentre.com

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