Mat and Chrissy are proud parents of four children, two of which have received support from Niagara Children’s Centre. Mat has also been an involved board member on the Centre’s Board of Directors since 2015, most recently as the Vice-Chair.

They first became involved with the Centre in early 2012 after adopting their second child and remained involved with the Centre with their third child.

Their second child was barely meeting his milestones when he came home. Between physiotherapy, occupational therapy and most importantly, speech therapy, their son is now moving mountains and exceeding expectations. With their third child, the Centre has been supportive through any ongoing challenges, questions and provides support as needed. 

"We still turn to the Centre for strength some days," Chrissy shares. "Donating and volunteering for the Centre has always been a natural fit because we know that without them, our son would have never been able to live a normal life and we as parents, would have been lost.

"It is our wish for the community around us to learn how vital the Centre really is; not only does the Centre provide support to children and families who need it but it also teaches our community about ALL children with ALL different needs. Integration is important on both sides, for the children to be able to function as best as possible in our community BUT ALSO for our community to be accepting and understanding of differences and to be able to celebrate them.

"The Centre is life changing for so many families, including ours. Donating can really change a child’s life and support those parents who feel most alone, right here in Niagara."


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