Process and Portfolio

The transition process includes the development of an educational program that addresses accommodations, modifications, strategies, resources and equipment necessary for a child to achieve success in their school environment and the sharing of this information between Centre staff, parents, District School Board Special Education staff, Community School staff and outside agencies (e.g. local Community Care Access Centre, CNIB).

Every student leaving our school does so with a completed Transition Portfolio. This portfolio includes all the information a receiving school needs to know in order to get to know the student as a learner, and to provide appropriate programming and support.

In grades Kindergarten through 6, this document is referred to as an “All About Me” Portfolio, and in grades 7 through graduation, as an “Independent Pathways Plan”.

The portfolio is designed to address 4 main guiding questions:

1.       Who am I?
2.       What are my opportunities?
3.       Who do I want to become?
4.       What is my plan for achieving my goals?

Students, families and schools staff contribute to the development of this document. Samples of student work, and learning stories, including photos and videos of the learning process, and other artifacts may be included by students. Parent voice is also an integral piece of the portfolio, with families providing input around developing goals and future planning. The Niagara Children’s Centre School team, including teachers and therapists, will include information related to the strategies, equipment and supports that make each individual student successful in the school environment.

Portfolios will be shared with families at least two times during each school year, and with the receiving school/board at a transition meeting when it is determined that the student will be returning to his/her community school. 

Transition Timelines: What to Expect
September Transition to School
October Individual Education Plans developed, including Individual Behaviour Support Plans and Transition Plans

IEPs home to families

Parent session on Transition planning


Parent classroom observations

Transition discussions begin with District School Board partners


Placement reviews

Parent meetings to discuss progress

Portfolios shared with families


Parent meetings to discuss placement and transition

April School Board observations
May Transition meetings to share portfolio with District School Board/receiving school
June School transition visits



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