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Niagara Children’s Centre provides consultation from medical specialists as part of our comprehensive model of care.  In order to access our medical services, children must require, be receiving or have previously received services from one of our core disciplines of Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy. Referrals for physician assessment only are not accepted.  

Physicians are regulated health care professions in Ontario.


Developmental Pediatrics 
Service provided is primarily diagnostics related to neurodevelopmental delay or autism spectrum disorder. Consultation is also provided to families and clinicians. Children may be seen for a follow-up visit at the Centre physician’s discretion or through a re-referral by an internal provider however they are not followed on a regular basis by our developmental pediatricians nor do they provide medication prescription or monitoring. 
The Centre works in coordination with Bethesda and CONTACT Niagara to ensure children with a potential diagnosis of a developmental disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder are referred to the appropriate developmental assessment service. Infants and preschoolers are directed to the Niagara Children’s Centre and a speech language assessment and/or occupational therapy assessment are a required component of the process in particular for children suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorder. School aged children not previously involved with the Centre are directed to CONTACT Niagara for access to the Children’s Developmental Assessment Service at Bethesda.    
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
Service provided is diagnostics and consultation to families and clinicians in addition to intervention related to spasticity management. This intervention may include prescription and injection of botox and/or prescription and monitoring of other spasticity management medications. Referrals are accepted for children and youth with chronic or acute neuromusculoskeletal disorders and disabilities as well as for children and youth with developmental disorders that have a physical component to their disorder such as delayed or atypical motor skills. Regular follow up visits are provided as well as transition to adult physical medicine and rehabilitation for specific conditions.              
Service provided is diagnostics and consultation to families and clinicians. Referrals to orthopedic services provided at the Children’s Centre are only accepted from the Centre’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation consultant.  
Complex Care Clinic
Service is provided in partnership with McMaster Children’s Hospital. The goals of this monthly clinic are to provide comprehensive, coordinated, family-centred care to children with medical complexity and technology dependency who are currently followed by the Complex Care Team at McMaster Children’s Hospital. 
The Pediatric Complex Care Team will include a Pediatrician, an Advanced Practice Nurse and a Respiratory Therapist from McMaster Children’s Hospital as well as Rehabilitation Professionals from Niagara Children’s Centre and Care Coordinator support from the HNHB-CCAC. During clinic visits, children will be assessed by the Team to develop a comprehensive care plan for the child/family and community partners.    
The Complex Care Team is committed to providing consultation and guidance to local physicians and will be accepting referrals from Pediatricians and Family Physicians starting September 2016. For further information and referrals please go to the McMaster Children’s Hospital website.

Contact and Referrals

Referrals for children from birth to 18 years are considered.
Direct referrals from physicians, hospitals or tertiary care centres can be faxed to intake at (905) 688-9181.  


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  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the body that regulates the practice of medicine to protect and serve the public interest.