Online Parent/Primary Caregiver Support Group

  • Open to any parent/primary caregiver of a child with a physical, developmental, and/or communicative delay or disability (diagnosed or suspected) in Niagara Region, Ontario. Parents of children who have transitioned to adulthood and parents of children who previously experienced delays in the past are welcome to provide support to other members
  • Topics will relate to children and youth aged 21 and under
  • The group is a “Closed Facebook Group”. It will be accessible from the Centre’s Public Facebook Page. Anyone can find the group and see who is in it. Only members can see posts. Members must be approved by Moderators. 
  • Two Moderators employed by Niagara Children’s Centre will ensure positive experiences for members: The Support Parent Moderator and the Centre’s Family Engagement Facilitator. The Support Parent Moderator will stimulate conversation and support between members. Both Moderators will post links and content that may be of interest to members and may be able help with member questions that cannot be resolved by members (it is not their official role to do so). Moderators will monitor posts and enforce group rules. 
  • Confidentiality rules must be followed
  • Search in Facebook: Niagara Children's Centre Parent/Primary Caregiver Online Support Group OR click here 


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