Family to Family Support

Consistent with our commitment to Family Centred Care, Niagara Children’s Centre is excited to launch our new Family to Family Support Program. This Program was made possible by a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation.  It consists of online and in-person Family Education and Support Groups and several Family Social Networking Events.  

All groups and events have been co-designed by Centre parents. The groups will be co-led by Niagara Children’s Centre professional(s) and a Support Parent: A parent of a child with a physical, developmental, and/or communicative delay or disability who will encourage parents/primary caregivers to support one another and provide peer support directly.  

Within the groups and events, parents/primary caregivers will be able to connect with others with shared life experiences by discussing topics of mutual interest, sharing successes and challenges, and seeking and providing support and practical information.  

Parents/Primary Caregivers are encouraged to get involved in the Family to Family Support options that are most suited to their interests and needs: 

Funded through a Grow Grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

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