Guide to Privacy and Consent for Families

What Families need to know about information sharing and the Electronic Record?

In order to develop a care plan and provide your child and family with the services that best meet your needs, organizations working with your child will ask for information about your child and family.


this information is shared

  • With healthcare providers directly involved with your child’s care
  • Through verbal and written communication, and in an electronic record
  • We will request your consent if information needs to be shared with professionals or organizations not directly involved in care

The electronic record allows Niagara Children’s Centre staff working with your child and family to view and document information about your child in a secure and confidential manner. It also means that you don’t have to repeat information as often and allows your team to build on past progress and experience.

You can say if you do not want to share certain information or if you do not want to share with certain people.

Your Child’s Electronic Record is Secure and Protected

GoldCare is a web-based shared electronic record, which uses the same technology that financial institutions use for online banking.

In order for members of your child’s team to use your child’s electronic record, they must:

  • Be authorized to access your child’s password-protected record by Niagara Children's Centre

  • Attend training on the single plan of care process, the electronic record and privacy policies and guidelines

  • Sign a confidentiality agreement

“Families want to tell their story once, and be certain that their confidential information is used and shared appropriately.”

Type of Information Shared

Typically, the following information may be collected and stored within the electronic record and shared with the professionals working with your child and family:

  • Contact and demographic information

  • Birth and Developmental History

  • Interview and Assessment information

  • Relevant reports such as Diagnostic, School, Lab, and Transition reports

  • Care Plan

  • Assessment and Progress Reports

  • Clinical Notes

Please assist us to keep your information accurate and up-to-date. Tell your team of any changes.

Your Right to Privacy

Privacy legislation protects your right to:

  • Consent to how your information will be used and shared. Since your child’s team could include service providers and professionals from education, recreation and community services, the Children’s Centre requires you to give express consent for these Community partners to share information. In order for your consent to be valid, you must be given sufficient information for your consent to be knowledgeable. We encourage you to ask any questions you need to so that you understand how your providers will use and protect your information.

  • Clinicians will talk to the physicians and other therapists on your team in order to provide service and treatment.  This is implied when you are referred to the Children’s Centre.  You may withhold this consent by telling us who and what should be excluded.

  • Withhold or withdraw consent for information sharing, except in specific circumstances where disclosure is legally required under the Child & Family Services Act or ordered by a court.

  • Provide consent verbally.

  • Request access to your child’s or your electronic record and the information in it.

  • Request that a correction be made to your record.

Children’s Centre staff must:

  1. Collect only the information we need to provide treatment and care

  2. Protect your personal information

  3. Take reasonable steps to ensure that the records are accurate and complete

  4. Comply with privacy legislation

“Niagara Children’s Centre staff are committed to improving information sharing practice to better meet the needs of your child and your family, while protecting the privacy of personal information in accordance with all the relevant legislation”

For further information about the collection, use or sharing of personal information, or to discuss any concerns you may have, please contact Dorothy Harvey, Privacy Officer, Niagara Children’s Centre (905) 688-1890 ext 200 or email

If you have a concern about how your information has been handled, you may call the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario at 1-800-387-0073 or


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