Code of Conduct

Niagara Children’s Centre Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct will apply to all members of Niagara Children’s Centre including: employees, consultants, Board members, volunteers, students and contractors.  We will also provide this Code of Conduct to our clients with the hope that they will act within the spirit of these behaviours while at Niagara Children’s Centre.

Our Code of Conduct:
• is a shared commitment to the expected behaviours that flow from our organization’s values
• documents the behaviours that are expected of all members of Niagara Children’s Centre
• supports the achievement of our mission and goals

Respect Underlies All We Do
We will....
• Conduct ourselves in an honest, professional, courteous and friendly manner, in all matters pertaining to our position and in a manner that projects and maintains the reputation of Niagara Children’s Centre.
• Treat each individual with dignity.
• Contribute to a workplace that is free of harassment, violence, reprisal and discrimination.
• Recognize and demonstrate respect for diversity.
• Protect confidentiality.  We will keep confidential all information of a personal nature involving our clients and our colleagues as well as information designated as confidential pertaining to Centre operations.  We will access only the information required to complete our work.
• Ensure that our grooming, attire and general deportment is professional at all times.
• Use and protect the Centre’s buildings, grounds, equipment as we would our own.

Families and Children Come First
We will....
• Practice in a way that is consistent with family centred care principles. 
• Be guided by the needs of children and families in our decision-making.
• Advocate on behalf of children and families.
• Maintain appropriate professional boundaries.
• Ensure that client/family involvement in Centre promotion is voluntary, informed and protects the person’s dignity.

Innovation and Excellence are the Cornerstones of our Achievement
We will....
• Be open and responsive to new ideas and actively seek feedback and opportunities for improvement.
• Take personal responsibility for our professional growth and development while actively seeking opportunities to develop new competencies.
• Adhere to any established standards of work.
• Demonstrate ethical behaviour.
• Abide by the code of ethics and professional standards as outlined by our professional associations and regulatory bodies.
• Know and follow all pertinent legislation applying to our work at the Centre and will be vigilant to ensure that our practices meet regulatory requirements.
• Be guided by best practices.
• Work to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all, and comply with our individual responsibilities for health and safety. 

Teamwork and Partnerships are Vital
We will...
• Place the broader goals of the team/partnership above our own individual aspirations.
• Work actively, cooperatively and collaboratively with others and recognize our impact on one another.
• Hold ourselves accountable, take responsibility for our words and actions, and follow through on our commitments.
• Be accessible to others and share information that others require to conduct their work.
• Resolve conflicts directly and in a professional manner, following timely and appropriate channels of communication.
• Practice active listening and seek understanding of other perspectives.
• Recognize and support one another in our roles.

Conflict of Interest
We will...
• Acknowledge, disclose and appropriately address any real, perceived or potential conflict of interest that may interfere with ethical delivery of service to clients and/or Centre business.
• Accept gift and favours only if they are of nominal value and based on goodwill, rather than on the potential for unfair advantage. 
• Ensure that equipment and supplies that are provided to us will be used directly for our work at the Centre.
• Avoid direct soliciting or personal fundraising.

March 21, 2013

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