Strategic Plan

2017-2021 Strategic Plan 


Welcome, we are pleased to introduce to you our Strategic Plan for 2017-2021. 

Over the course of 2016, Niagara Children’s Centre undertook a strategic planning process to update the Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities of our organization. We received feedback from the people who know the Centre best, analyzed our complex external and internal environments and built a framework to lead us through the next five years. 

During the consultation process, through interviews, surveys and focus groups, we gathered input from families, employees, external and partner organizations, the management team and the Board of Directors to determine our path for the future. We landed on four new strategic directions, and updated our Vision and Mission to reflect what Niagara Children’s Centre stands for now and where we are headed. You will find all of these detailed throughout this document.  

We look forward to continually improving Niagara Children’s Centre, and the lives of those families and children we serve. Together with our staff, clients and families, donors and funders, partners and community we will ensure all of Niagara’s Children & Youth are at their Best.  




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Our Vision

Niagara's Children & Youth at their Best

Missions (Ends) Statement

We enable children and youth with physical, developmental and communicative delays or disabilities to achieve their optimal potential within their home, school and community environments.

We do this through delivering a continuum of therapeutic supports and services to children and families and by working with our partners to deliver coordinated, integrated and family-centred care.  

Our Values

Children and families come first

Excellence and innovation are cornerstones of our achievement

Teamwork and partnerships are vital

Respect underlies all we do


Strategic Priorities and Goals

Demonstrate System Leadership 

Niagara Children’s Centre service delivery to children, youth and their families is guided by a holistic perspective of each child, including the child’s home, school and community environments.  

As a system leader the Centre will advocate for and support initiatives that enable children and youth with special needs and their families to receive effective, efficient and coordinated services.  


  • Work with community partners to develop an integrated, comprehensive and coordinated system of services for children and youth with special needs.

  • Create new and/or expand current partnerships to improve our client’s experience and improve our collective impact.

  • Contribute to the development of provincial and national best practices in our sector.

Enhance the scope and quality of our services 

The Centre will continue to ensure that our services are accessible and of high quality, while expanding and evolving the scope of services available to our clients.



  • Continue to adopt evidence-informed practices. 

  • Continue to improve and expand our evaluation and accountability framework. 

  • Explore opportunities to provide a more comprehensive range of services across the age continuum. 

  • Explore opportunities to provide services within the Ontario Autism Program. 

  • Explore opportunities to provide private-pay services. 

  • Optimize timely access to services by operating within established wait time standards.

  • Improve ease of access for families (location, appointment schedules, methods of service delivery).

  • Build capacity within community partners, to enable them to better support children and youth within community, school and home environments.

Effectively engage and support families

Niagara Children’s Centre will engage with families for the purpose of improving the quality of services at the Centre as well as the family experience related to those services.  We will do so by ensuring that families are enabled to provide feedback and input into current and future Centre operations and services.  We will also use this feedback and input to strengthen and further develop supports that are responsive to the needs of our families.


  • Implement a multi-dimensional family engagement framework inclusive of families as advisors, mentors, informed consumers and faculty/ ambassadors.
  • Use our experience to inform the development and implementation of a family engagement strategy within health and community service initiatives in Niagara.
  • Further develop our supports/services aimed at strengthening family capacity.  

Ensure a strong, sustainable organization

Niagara Children’s Centre believes that our ability to deliver excellent services is dependent on organizational viability and an ability to adapt to its changing environment. 

The Centre will make certain that it is strongly positioned for the future by ensuring a robust leadership and management structure, an infrastructure that enables progress, and access to resources required for success.


  • Implement an organization structure that aligns with and supports future directions.
  • Expand and diversify our funding base.
  • Develop operating plans and budget strategies that support the mandate of the organization and are financially sustainable. 
  • Ensure organizational approaches and practices that develop, retain and attract talented people committed to achieving our vision.
  • Evolve our governance framework to align with and support future directions. 
  • Redevelop the Centre's physical facility. 
  • Invest in IT capacity and resources to enhance service delivery, to support our system role and to support our evaluation framework.



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